Our mission: Ergox2 – The core activator


Your core is the core of our business.

We develop tools that promote core, balance and position, with the goal of raising performance and sustainability. The seat is the key for all riding.

We who develop and sell the saddle, work mainly to listen to you who will use saddles and to analyze and solve your specific needs. We do not make any difference to pony riders or elite riders. We design different products for different needs in the market, but with the same goal: To make the rider a better and more balanced rider who can give his horse the best conditions to perform optimally in balance. What separates us from other brands is:


  • Our design is based on ergonomics focusing on placing the rider in the balance that activates the rider’s core muscles and thus helps to increase the horse’s riding ability through motion centers. A horse ridden primarily through motion centers is easier to regulate. That is, it gets better balance and higher riding ability.
  • We base our design on modern research of horse biomechanics and the rider’s seat and pelvis.
  • As the only saddle company in the world, we develop saddle models based on the needs we encounter with riders who have different needs and body shape, have different types of horses in varying branches and with changing economies. This means that we can produce saddle models for both riding schools and elite riders, with the same principle, but in different designs and pricing. Making our saddles available for riding schools is important for us, because we consider riders to learn to sit right early. The seat is crucial for both communication and the horse’s ability to carry, balance and understand ourselves. Success at elite level is about the same thing. Higher precision when difficulty increases.
  • With improved rider ergonomics, the conditions for a more efficient seat through activated core are created, which affects the horse’s balance and riding ability. At the same time we can offer the horse more solutions based on our knowledge of the modern horse shape and on modern research on the horse’s back, rotation, movement mechanics and balance.

Mission: Work for sustainable performance in the equestrian sport!

Our passion and dedication to creating sustainable riding is guiding in everything we do. It runs as a red thread in our product development, service, saddle trim training, courses in ekipage optimization and site training. By combining research, education and product development, we aim to raise the skills of riding sports. Primarily by spreading the knowledge about how the seat affects both the horse’s and rider’s experience and ability to perform. Knowledge needs to be accessible to all. From the riding school to the elite. We know that if the link between research, learning and equestrian sport is strengthened, the quality is increasing. We aim to create security to perform at higher levels with increased durability!