Our saddle models


Our name says it all; Ergonomics for both horse and rider.

The first saddle was made in the fall of 2014. Today we offer several models and price points with different fit for the rider and leather options. Our second tree came out in the summer 2017 and an exclusive version made in Italy is under development fall 2017.

Our trees are made of wood and strained to be ergonomic for different shapes of riders and horses.

Our stuffed panels have the body and shape to erase pressure points and allow shoulder freedom.

Details in printed leather and details that offer extra grip or durability optional in most models, as well as different quality of leather.

Tree width medium to XXW

Panel:  Reflockable Roundpanel with freedom system in the front.

Fit: Ergox2 is available in 2 trees, one for the shorter wider horse, and one for the modern high wither topline with straight back. Both saddle place the rider well forward over their foot. Different options in flap change the fit for the rider to find optional support and balance with neutral pelvis.

Seat sizes: 16-18 with half sizes. Ergo riders are measured by the fitter prior to trying seat size.

Flap sizes: Short, normal, long , forward and less forward dressage -4 cm.

Flap sizes and kneeblock are adjusted after seat size.

Leathers:  Plain leather with print. Plain leather, Calfskin,  Buffalo. Italina vedgetable printed leather, Italian vedgetable calfskin.



Regular line 1780 – 2700 Euro.

Italian line 3400 – 4300 Euro.


Read more about our saddle models:

ErgoX2 saddle models

When you enter our web shop, you will see pictures and prices of each product. The pricing is still in Swedish (spring 2018 we will add an English version).

The Swedish Krona (SEK) is easy to calculate in to Euro (EUR). Just deduct a 0 to the price. 1000 SEK = 100 EUR.

We will quote shipping depending on where you are, prices starting at approximately 55 EUR + taxes.