Why we created ErgoX2


We were the difficult kid on the block

As a fitter we always look to help the horse and rider to the best solution. We worked with saddles and fitting for 20 years, working with top deigners and fitters. . And still compromising was very much part of the job.

We were forced to choose. Horse or rider. Present or expected future shape?

Horses and riders are dynamic. They change. And we wanted to make both of them comfortable.

Saddle fitting is far too often about compromising and doing what works on the spot. We wanted to do better, and became a pain in the ass for the old brands, who were not ready to work on our feeback and needs.

We started our own barnd to end the compromising.
In doing so, we took a 3 years educational journey, leading us to where we are now.

We realized that we used to operate in the dark. Doing the best we could based on current industry knowledge. Sometimes succeeding, but also failing without having the right tools to analyze and fix the problems, since we did not know what they were. We only had parts of the puzzle.

We started in 2 ends, parting with the old brands. And following our idea of finding a better way to sit, and learning about the horses rotation and the backs incredible role in horse locomotion. The world was truly upside down for over a year, while letting go of knowledge we held very dear…  


In short. The horse back is not built to handle any forces from above.

  • Not for a bouncing rider, and not for a tall object leaning in any direction creating leverage, forcing the horses rotating spine to comply and resist at the same time.
  • The horse back is compromised by our alignment, our lack of core stability, our movement in all directions, the saddles position, pressure, pinching, movement and girthing.
  • A riders pelvis has a unique shape, not visible on the outside. The body is designed to work from  a pelvic neutral position. This is not training issue only. It has to start on a foundation. The seat.

If you are a rider, contact us through the booking or contact email.

If you are a fitter: Go ahead to our application form and tell us about you. We love to share this with the people who are truly ready to let go of some of the old things, (this is the scary part) and learn all the new things that science now has been able to provide us with.


There is no mystery or quick fix to good riding. There is really only real balance or no balance. This balance is needed in all three parts. The horse, saddle and the rider. Knowing how to analyze each one of them and to systematically work with the forces to find perfect alignment, is what we are all about.



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