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If you believe in instant communication between horse and rider, and have a desire to work with products that help riders to build their confidence to perform. We welcome you to show us who you are, buy answering a few questions. The brand you are about to discover is not like any other brand you have come across. We build our business based on solving our customers problems, by listening, learning and evolving. We look for partners who fully understand that quality comes from the way we think and understand a problem or a need. Quality needs to be part of every part of the process from design, manufacturing, to sales, and service. Loyal customers come from their own experience of being understood and helped.

Ergox2 of Sweden will keep developing products applying what we know about riders and horses, as well as science. We are using the experience of our own customers needs. The organization is based on feedback and analyzing horses and riders in different markets. This means that the partners we look for, need to be close to the market, and hands on with horses. They need to be able to listen and understand and bring those needs back to our design table.

Apply to be a member of the ErgoX2 team