Bodytype analysis

You and your horse are unique!

Most riders are not really aware of their horse specific needs in the tree, or in their own needs either.

This is not so strange. Very little research has been done, and very few vets, trainers and fitters, know about this.

You are just about to embark a journey were a red thread will start to emerge, making you connect the dots between, conformation, fit, feeling, position, horse behavior and performance.

As the first saddle company in the world Ergox2 has incorporated science from 3 fields in to a saddle:

  • The balance and biomechanics of the horse.
  • The core balance and coordination and shape of the riders pelvis.
  • And the exact needs this places on the tree and the design of the saddle.


We hope you will enjoy the journey!

Read more in this document:

Body type analysis